Stripe integration with Actuals

Stripe is a renowned payment services provider, while Actuals specializes as a reconciliation platform. Actuals excels in matching payments with other critical information, such as orders from webshops. This integration of Stripe with Actuals offers a multitude of use cases for businesses, thanks to our advanced technology:

  • Enhanced Financial Clarity:
    Businesses can gain a clearer understanding of their financial transactions with Stripe and Actuals. They can accurately record and track payments from Stripe while efficiently matching them with related order data from webshops.

  • Real-time Transaction Insights:
    With real-time availability of financial data from Stripe, businesses can access up-to-the-minute insights into their financial operations. This allows for agile decision-making and immediate responses to changing financial trends, all while seamlessly incorporating webshop order data into the analysis.

  • Efficient Reconciliation:
    The integration between Stripe and Actuals streamlines the reconciliation process. It automates the matching of Stripe payments with associated order information from webshops, ensuring that financial records are accurate and consistent.

  • Proactive Refund and Chargeback Management:
    Businesses can effectively manage refund and chargeback scenarios involving Stripe payments. The integration provides tools and data necessary to handle these situations promptly and efficiently, reducing potential financial losses.

  • Data-Driven Financial Strategies:
    Armed with comprehensive financial data from both Stripe and webshops, businesses can formulate data-driven financial strategies. They can identify trends within Stripe transactions, anticipate challenges, and optimize their financial management for improved fiscal health.

  • Improved Compliance:
    The integration helps in ensuring financial compliance, particularly when dealing with Stripe payments and webshop orders. It provides a clear audit trail and accurate financial records, which can be crucial for regulatory reporting and transparency.

  • Reduced Manual Workload:
    Automation reduces the need for manual data entry and reconciliation efforts, whether related to Stripe payments or webshop order data. This automation frees up valuable time and resources for other critical business tasks.

In essence, the Actuals reconciliation platform, in conjunction with Stripe’s payment services, simplifies financial processes and empowers businesses with valuable data and tools to make informed decisions, minimize financial risks, and drive financial growth while seamlessly incorporating webshop order data into the financial landscape.

Incorporating Stripe into Actuals Live streamlines daily transaction import and reconciliation.

For full integration details, check our documentation on Stripe here
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This process hinges on securing an API key, granting access to Stripe’s data via its API. This overview will guide you through obtaining the API key and configuring Actuals Live for periodic data collection.

To start, you’ll need an API key—Stripe provides both test and live keys, accessible in the Developers section on the API-keys page. Note that a “Viewing test data” toggle allows access to test API keys only, containing simulated data.

To enhance security and efficiency, opt for creating a “Restricted Key” when generating an API key. Restricted API keys, tailored to specific access requirements, ensure data security. Permissions vary based on the integration nature, but generally encompass core resources like balance transfers, charges, disputes, files, payment intents, payouts, plus reporting resources such as report runs and types. Additionally, access to Webhook Endpoints is crucial for seamless integration.

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