Client Case: HelloPrint

Continuous control of revenue and margins

HelloPrint is a fast-growing internet company that handles 700,000 digital print jobs in 11 European countries each year via its e-commerce brands Helloprint and Drukzo.

Actuals helps HelloPrint to gain more grip on transaction workflows and improve their financial controls.


Actuals x HelloPrint

Solutions implemented

Key results

Management by exception

The main achievement for HelloPrint is that  transaction matching now takes place in a fully automated fashion! The finance team can focus on the remaining exceptions – saving a great amount of time and money.

Lennaert Koch was looking for a new way to keep a grip on HelloPrint’s turnover. A way in which the possibilities of digital technology can be exploited to the fullest and one that allowed for a constant monitoring of the company’s financial flows. He found a partner in and shared his vision on modern financial control. 

I only call Actuals if the transaction matching dips below 99%

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