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Single source of truth for all your finance 

With Actuals you get true insights into your financial results by automating the transaction validation process. Benefit from real-time, data-driven control and audit of your revenue streams to have a continuous grip on your margins and your payable and receivable balances. 

Revenue Reconciliation

By automatically matching your orders to you payments and book-keeping we are able to provide you insights in your cashflow in real-time.

Purchase to pay matching

By automating a three way match on your purchase orders, vendor invoices and receipts you have insights and control over your purchasing process.

Cost Insights

Payment (acquiring) costs are often a ‘hidden’ cost to organisations which is reducing their end margin. By providing insights on the costs of different payment methods of your transactions better decisions can be made on the payment options that should be available on the platform.

insights in mismatching chargebacks

Chargebacks are often a burden to organisations as these do not follow the ‘happy flow’ of revenue. By providing insights in chargebacks that are not in the accounting system you can gain grip on where money is leaking.

API connections feeding your systems

By being able to ‘push’ back the data to your systems we can provide input for the use of data in other relevant areas of your organization.

auditor insights

We provide insights for your auditor to be able to easily verify whether your total revenue as reported is in line with the payouts made and settled by the different payment service providers. Furthermore, with the click of a button an auditor can lookup individual sample transactions and see the data in the order backend, PSP and in the accounting system.

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Happy Customers

Behind the word mountains We use Actuals to track all transactions in our systems, from transaction initiation (with help of the Actuals Robo-Auditor™) all the way to our general ledger. We match these validated transactions with the invoices of our suppliers and ensure that they are constantly in balance. This is a big shift in the way we used to work, and a real paradigm shift. ‘A paradigm shift to be in control’

Patrick Roozeman CEO

Actuals taps into three systems (backend, Adyen and Accountview) and continuously analyzes whether the same transactions are available everywhere. So that I, as CFO, know that all transactions have been paid for and that all transactions are also properly administered. The use of the Actuals Robo-Auditor™ also provides our external auditor with the right level of comfort that all orders are recorded as revenue in our back-end ‘I only call Actuals if the transaction matching dips below 99%’

Lennaert Koch CFO

Behind the word mountains Especially in the early stages of Just Eat Takeaway.com, everything was aimed at focusing development capacity on growth. At the same time, we wanted to grow in a controlled way and Actuals played an excellent role in that. With the Actuals Robo-Auditor™, we record transaction data from our frontend and match this with the data from our backend administration. As a third party, Actuals helps us to prove that we are in control.

Daniel Bos Head Data & Analytics