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Strategic alies, shared success: A Spotlight on our Partnerships

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4apps group has 20+ years of experience implementing and supporting Oracle NetSuite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. They specialize in managing business processes and ensuring compliance with indirect taxes, particularly VAT, within these applications, simplifying processes for dynamic industries.

Their aim is to optimize reporting and their integrated VAT solution, itax4apps, within Oracle Netsuite and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, all to benefit their clients.


'We provide simple answers to complex VAT and Oracle ERP challenges. Enabling you to stay in control of your processes and ahead of the market, especially in dynamic industries.'


Bright is a global technology and consulting  company, collaborating closely with 20+ partners, including software providers, accounting firms, universities, and consultants, helping clients to realise best practice governance and capture value with technology, specialist consulting, and managed services.

The areas of governance they provide support for encompass:

  • First-line controls for business and finance, IT controls and security
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) as well as compliance matters
  • Internal and external audit functions


'We help our clients to gain value in all governance areas with technology, specialist consulting and managed services.' 

About is a consulting firm with a focus on Finance & People. They provide fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups with the knowledge, support and stability they need to continue growing at the right pace. They offer Stability-as-a-Service. As the partner for your growth, their mantra is Stability in Motion.

Their goal is to help businesses become stable, scalable, and resilient by strengthening core functions like Finance & People.

Their expertise, enables them to swiftly address obstacles, offer flexible solutions, and foster sustainable growth while reducing risks, making them a valuable partner.


'We offer active support and individual solutions to fast-growing organizations in the areas of Finance & People. We enable stable, sustainable growth - resilient and scalable.'


Footprint Professional Services specializes in tailored financial administration solutions, providing

 continuous financial insight. Their team of financial experts, dedicated contacts, and digital access enables clients to focus on their core business, regardless of size.

Footprint's goal is to free clients from financial administration concerns. Collaborating with financial experts and interim professionals, they provide comprehensive support, empowering clients with clear financial insights for a renewed focus on their core business, whether they're independent entrepreneurs, SMEs, or large organizations.

'We believe that by automating and simplifying processes, processes become more effective.'

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