No-code reconciliation automation

All-in-one solution for Finance and Control teams​

Automated reconciliation across any data and any source

Continuously match and reconcile all your financial data across any source: orders, web shops, payment solutions, accounting systems, banks and more.
Benefit from a matching system tailored to your needs and create automated connections with no-touch data feeds with all data sources, reducing 98% of manual reconciliation work.
Enable full grip on your suspense account and effortlessly understand future changes and revenue impact. Available anywhere and 24/7.

Immediate mismatch detection

100% insights into mismatches caused by refunds, chargebacks, supplier data and other discrepancies. Actuals provides automated detailed explanations on deviations, allowing you to resolve larger sets of mismatches on the go and focus on corner cases only rather than the whole data set.
Navigate your business safely by having full control over your financial situation.

Audit trail for every single transaction

By directly tapping into data sources, you can track every single transaction across all layers and applications and perform root cause analysis on errors and mismatches.
Achieve instant revenue controls by determining costs and concluding match and settlement of orders, payments, and accounting. 

Detailed reporting at your fingertips

Create detailed reports in real time within the tailored reporting suite and share them with internal and external auditors and stakeholders. Highlight exceptions, revenues, rules, sources to illustrate your financial close.

Seamless integration with your existing framework

Our promise: no coding required. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing shop, order management, ERP, accounting, and payment solutions, and integrates directly into your operational flow without the need for an IT department – that is on us.
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