Client Case: Tranzer

Continuous control of completeness

Tranzer is the international Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform linking all public transport, shared cars, scooters, and other micro mobility options to any app. 

Actuals provides accuracy and completeness of all cash disbursements


Actuals x Tranzer

Solutions implemented

Key results

Under the hood

To achieve continuous matching between data sources, data is made available at several different stages in the transaction flow.

By independently processing transactions with the use of Actuals’ components, Actuals is able to match and validate the consistency amongst the different sources and report on the outcomes. 

As a result, Actuals creates a reliable, independent assessment on wether all transactions initiated in the Tranzer App have led to revenue (and vice versa). 

Additionally, Tranzer can monitor if the IT environment functions properly when  changes to it have been made and didn’t impact the processing of the transactions in primary database.

“The Actuals platform is ISAE 3402 compliant, which was an important factor in the process of selecting a service provider.”

As a CPA Tom has been reading future-oriented articles about ‘continuous audit’ and ‘data-driven audit’ for 25 years. With Actuals he now really sees it become reality at Tranzer. “Very cool to see how you can automatically determine that tens of thousands of payments, tickets and service fees match with each other! A comforting idea for ourselves but also for our partners!” according to Tom.

With Actuals we now have a near 100% demonstrable match between various data sources

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